Examination Syllabus for Deputy Range Forest Officer (DRFO) – Karnataka

Examination Syllabus for Deputy Range Forest Officer (DRFO) – Karnataka

Department of Forest, Govt. of Karnataka, organizing the written test to recruit the Deputy Range Forest Officers to evaluate the eligibility to the post.

Syllabus for Deputy Range Forest Officer (DRFO) Recruitment of Karnataka Forest Department provided here are based on the previous syllabus of Deputy Range Forest Officers (DRFO) Recruitment. Even though we have verified the genuineness of the contents published here, candidates are strongly suggested to refer the official website of the Karnataka Forest Department for the verification of the actual syllabus. The syllabus for the post of Deputy Range Forest Officers is given below:


PART-A – 30 Marks

This part of the aptitude test shall measure the candidate’s comprehension, memory, reasoning, speed, and analysis, evaluation of facts, data, events and judgment. The question paper would be of Thirty Objective Type questions divided into four sections.

  1. Numerical ability                          : 10 marks
  2. Verbal and non-verbal ability       : 5 marks
  3. Logical and analytical reasoning  : 10 marks
  4. Statistics                                       :  5 marks

Scope and coverage

  • Numerical ability

Candidates would be tested on their understanding of basic arithmetic and speed of calculation:, number systems, averages, percentages, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, sequences, indices, ratio and proportion, partnership, time and work, speed and distance, algebra, trigonometry , heights and distances, mensuration, geometry.

  • Verbal and nonverbal ability

Letters and words as symbols, analysis relationship between groups of letters or words, completing series or order of letters or word analogy, finding odd man out, coding and decoding based on illustrated principles. Shapes and patterns, arranging shapes or designs into associated groups and finding out the odd man and completing the sequence.

  • Logical and analytical reasoning

Application of logic and making judgments in given situations.

General reasoning and determination of the validity of an inference from a statement based on some given parameters.

    • Statistics

Elementary statistics such as mean, median, mode, making deductions from pie and bar charts, graphs, figures and tables.

PART-B – 45 Marks

This part of the aptitude test shall measure the candidate’s fundamental understanding of Science subjects he has studied at graduation level. The question paper would be of forty five Objective Type questions.

  • Science aptitude
    Fundamentals of physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, environment and their application in day to day life – B.Sc. Degree level.

PART – C – 25 Marks

This part of the aptitude test shall measure the candidate’s general awareness and shall consist of twenty five Objective Type questions divided into five sections.

  1. Current events                         : 5 marks
  2. History of India                        : 5 marks
  3. Indian and World geography   : 5 marks
  4. Indian polity                             : 5 marks
  5. Indian Economy                       : 5 marks

Scope and Coverage:

  • Current events

Significant national and international events, personalities (both Indian and International) in news, including sports events and personalities:

  • History of India

Ancient, medieval and recent history including the Indian national movement, its social, economic and political aspects including the nature and character of the 19th century resurgence, growth of nationalism and attainment of independence.

  • Geography

The earth, its shape and size, latitudes and longitudes, ocean currents and tides, atmosphere and its composition including physical, social and economic geography of India, its climate, vegetation, natural resources, location and distribution of agricultural and industrial activities.

  • Indian Polity

The country’s political system and Constitution of India, covering broadly its frame work, main features, different organs of Government and their functioning at the Centre, State and local levels including Panchayath Raj institutions. Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties and Directive principles of state policy, Functioning of Indian democracy and elections.

  • Indian Economy

Economic developments in India, basic foundation of the economy, features and sectors of Indian economy, process of planning and five year plans, markets and State controls, process of liberalization and globalization, inflation, poverty and unemployment.

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